Eavesdropping In: Early Facebook Investors Want Out, 18-Month-Old Gets Pro Soccer Contract

by Mara Siegler · April 28, 2011

    Tom Durkin, who has called some 2,000 races over 34 years, opted not to renew his contract with NBC as the announcer of the Triple Crown due to anxiety. [NYT]

    The long-form birth certificate President Obama released yesterday was short on surprising information—except for the family of Dr. David Sinclair, the doctor who delivered him. [AP]

    In a sign of increasing wariness among Facebook's earliest investors, a group of shareholders is looking to dump $1 billion worth of shares in the social networking company. [Reuters]

    Brian J. Bolduc, a recent Harvard graduate, has an article in the Crimson where he gives harsh wisdom about life on the outside: "First—unlike in class—at work, requirements are mandatory. If you've got a job, you're expected to show up." [Crimson]

    An 18-month-old Dutch toddler has won a pro contract after a video of him expertly kicking soccer balls into his toy box scored almost a million hits on YouTube. [Telegraph]