Eavesdropping In: James Franco And Selena Gomez Go On Spring Break, Journalist Outed As Angry Stripper

by Courtney McGowan · March 28, 2012

    Selena Gomez is in some movie about Spring Break with James Franco dressed as K-Fed. Guess we're really doing this. [Dlisted]

    A journalist has been living a double life as an angry stripper. Someone call Lifetime and get Jennifer Love Hewitt on the line. [HuffPost]

    Tenacious D is BACK in an Oscar-worthy skit featuring Val Kilmer (yes, he's alive), Josh Groban, and the ever-present Dave Grohl. [Buzzfeed]

    A man and a goose duke it out in an awkward battle royale. [DailyWhat]

    Smash makes me want to smash a glass over my face. [Baeble]

    Even millionaire tech nerds have to satisfy the urge to take mirror picz. [Gawker]

    The top ten reasons the London Olympics needs more Spice Girls. I mean, amirite? [Frisky]

    Raise your glass of pig's blood, 15-year-old Chloe Moretz has scored the title role in the remake of Carrie. [Vulture]