Eavesdropping In: Justin Bieber Grows Up, Madonna's Public School Love, Half-Hearted Jake Gyllenhaal Update

by SUSANNAH LONG · April 14, 2010

    Justin Bieber's getting his license, probably so that he can drive Tina Fey to the malt shop. Also, the DMV let him take multiple photos so that he doesn't look like a doof. [TMZ]

    Madonna's daughter, Lourdes, might be headed for LaGuardia HS. Get ready for FAME reboot 2,000 [Times]

    Coney Island rides don't die, they just go to Honduras. [Gothamist]

    Jake Gyllenhaal says he's "okay" without Reese Witherspoon, so clearly he's not. [NYDN]

    Hip NYC/Vegas lighting designer Alejandro Bulaevsky has died (under KINKY CONDITIONS, the Post wants you to know) [Post]