Eavesdropping In: Kanye West's New Seizure Inducing Video, Social Media Wills

by Courtney McGowan · May 7, 2012

    - The government is now recommending we write a "social media will." [Mashable]

    Like with a traditional will, you’ll need to appoint someone you trust as an online executor. This person will be responsible for closing your email addresses, social media profiles, and blogs after you are deceased.

    -  Bret Easton Ellis, author of American Psycho and Less than Zero, will read your novel for the low price of $5,000.  Not all at once, kids. [D&T]

    - 50 cats that sum up your hangover perfectly. [Buzzfeed]

    - Speaking of Cinco de Mayo, that's something having to do with the Mayan calendar right? [FailBlog]

    - Warning: Strobe Effects are used in this video.  But, you already knew that. [DailyWhat]

    - Match made in heaven Lindsay Lohan and Woody Allen had dinner over the weekend at Phillippe in NYC.  Somewhere Scarlett Johansson is silently weeping. [Perez]

    - I liked this Justin Bieber video better when it was Justin Timberlake's "Senorita." Nah, but seriously, this is a jam. [Vh1]