Eavesdropping In: Keith McNally Can Do No Right; You Can't Afford To Be A Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda Or Samantha

by BILLY GRAY · May 25, 2010

    Say what you will about the Post, "Tragical History Tour" is a solid headline. [NYP]

    Obviously no Cafe Colonial obit is complete without a Pulino's swipe. [Grub]

    Sex and the City 2 "economy tour" includes Canal Street knockoffs, cocktails in, gasp, Brooklyn. [EVGrieve]

    In order to escape media attention, Fergie considers move to New York. [Gawker]

    Someday, Friday Night Lights will attract the mass audience it so richly deserves. [Vulture]

    Looks like the economy might suck again. [1010]