Eavesdropping In: Ketchup Revamp, Lindsay Lohan's Surprise Appearance, NY Actors Now Doomed

by SUSANNAH LONG · May 14, 2010

    In the worst idea so far this year (and in the first recipe change in 40 years), Heinz will be cutting the salt from their ketchup. [Post]

    Buildings around 14th St and Irving evacuated due to suspicious vehicle. Everything's okay now, but we've all learned an important lesson about not storing gas cans in our cars when we park them in paranoid metropolitan areas. [NYMag]

    Lady at Buffalo wings joint makes play for Obama's love. [AnimalNY]

    The floundering actors of NY will suffer greatly if the cancellation of Law & Order goes through. [WSJNY]

    Lindsay Lohan pops up at Williamsburg Iggy Pop concert. [NYDN]