Eavesdropping In: LeBron Gets Booed, Hackers Try To Blackmail Ke$ha

by Mara Siegler · December 3, 2010

    LeBron returned to the hometown he shamed to rub there faces in it by playing a blow out game. Cavs fans however, won spectacularly when it came to booing their former King. [NY Times]

    Rejoice vegans who want a snack with their jumbo slushie. 7-11 is testing new meatless products at select NYC locations. [Gothamist]

    The November jobs report is up. There was an increase in unemployment. Happy holiday shopping, America.  [CNN]

    A pair of German hackers raided the computers of more than 50 pop stars. They got unreleased songs from several artists and pics of Ke$ha having naughty time. They also got arrested when they tried to blackmail her. [Telegraph]

    Wikileaks was temporarily booted from the Internet. There back up on a new URL with a domain purchased in Switzerland.  [NY Post]