Eavesdropping In: Mad Men Home Tips, Gizmodo Raid, Denzel Washington's Dramatic Debut

by SUSANNAH LONG · April 27, 2010

    Mad Men enfant terrible Vincent Kartheiser doesn't own a toilet or any mirrors. He does have a bed, but says, "That might go." [NYDN]

    Incredibly non-threatening Gizmodo writer raided by the cops, and now Gawker Media's invoking JOURNALISM. Related: suddenly, incredibly non-threatening Gizmodo writer is having way better luck with the ladies. [Village Voice]

    Beatboxing helps you quit smoking. [Animal NY]

    There actually was an honest-to-goodness earthquake on Boobquake day. [Post]

    The reviews are in for Denzel Washington on Broadway. At least one critic thinks he's "exhausting." [NYDN]