Eavesdropping In: Sorry Guys, Courtney Love Is Off The Market; Could The Meatpacking District Be Made Safe For Hipsters? Nightlife Goes To the Dogs

by BILLY GRAY · April 26, 2010

    Courtney Love defies hotel-trashing rock star stereotype by dating hotelier Andre Balazs. [Paper]

    A new Meatpacking District bar will battle for basement space with 675. [Eater]

    East Village readers: stay inside for awhile. [Grieve]

    Someone pass the patchouli, stat. Joni Mitchell disses and dismisses Bob Dylan. [DailyMusto]

    A doggy disco hits the Financial District. Stanley Stuyvesant is on his way as we speak. [NYP]

    Want to know how rich you'd be if you'd bought Apple stock in '97? Probably not, but read it and weep anyway. [KyleConroy]