Eavesdropping In: New Dark Knight Rises Trailer, Johnny Depp Plays With The Black Keys

by Courtney McGowan · June 4, 2012

    - Justin Bieber ran into a glass wall in Paris. [TMZ]

    - Be wary of what you share on Facebook. Due to the site's new algorithm, one unfortunate user had the pleasure of looking like he was endorsing a 55-gallon barrel of personal lubricant. [NYT]

    - Our fears last week of a zombie apocalypse were completely unfounded- people eat other people on a regular basis. [NYMag]

    - Here's the only reason why I watched the MTV Movie Awards - a new Dark Knight Rises trailer. [iO9]

    - Speaking of the MTV Movie Awards, the highest of lights goes to Johnny Depp joining The Black Keys on guitar to perform the band's new single "Gold on the Ceiling." All jokes aside, Depp can actually jam. [Complex]

    The Black Keys - Gold on the Ceiling featuring Johnny Depp (Live) - Music - More Music Videos