Eavesdropping In: The Least Happy Person In America, Japan On Brink Of Nuclear Crisis

by Mara Siegler · March 15, 2011

    Japan’s Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power station has experienced its third explosion in four days and radiation is spreading. [NYT]

    Former Jersey Shore cast member Angelina Pivarnick is claiming that Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino is gay. [PopEater]

    Decades after making his name with Vietnam-era antiwar songs, Bob Dylan is set to perform there for the first time. [AP]

    The least happy person according to data: a short, middle-aged, childless Muslim woman who is separated from her husband and earns less than $12,000 year. She lives in West Virginia and is an unemployed manufacturing worker. [NYT]

    So freaking disturbing. Video of a snake biting a model's breast. The serpent later died of silicone poisoning. [Daily Mail]

    The hipster trap: Set between two claws lie all the fundamentals like PBR, American Spirits and neon glasses. Have you seen this in your neighborhood? [Gothamist]