Eavesdropping In: Tom Cruise Will Jump On Your Couch; Arcade Fire Loses Hipster Cred, Gains Tons Of Money; Ground Zero Future Unclear-o

by BILLY GRAY · June 1, 2010

    Up your thetan level and move in next door to Tom Cruise. [Grieve]

    BP protests leave Houston Street BP station slightly dirtier than usual. [Caroline McCarthy]

    Frankly, Anthony Bourdain and Alan Richman both sound a little douchey. [Eater]

    Arcade Fire succeeds/sells out with sure to be sold out show at Madison Square Garden. [BKVegan]

    Irving Plaza reverts to name that nobody ever stopped calling it. [NYT]

    In news straight out of 2002-2009, developers clash over future of Ground Zero. [WSJ]