Eavesdropping In: Underwater Hotel To Be Built In Dubai, The iPhone 5

by Courtney McGowan · May 14, 2012

    - Choose a salad, win a movie ticket? Dieting for dollars may soon be a reality. [NYT]

    - Plans for an underwater hotel in Dubai are underway.  No word yet on if/when the Jetson-esque lodgings will come to fruition...but it looks awesome. [HuffPost]

    - The most unholy, somewhat appealing, while also being disgusting, sandwiches ever created. [Buzzfeed]

    - Rumor has it the new iPhone 5 will be made out of "Liquid Metal." Not sure what that means? Me either. [Mashable]

    A mix of several different metals, LiquidMetal could allow the phone to be more durable. Light like plastic but durable like aluminum, it would also allow the phone to weigh less and have a thinner profile.

    - The youngest member of Mensa (3-years-old, IQ: 135) makes a breakthrough announcement on The Today Show. [LaughingSquid]

    - True Blood is back June 10th, and by the look of the new trailer, things are still as weird as ever.  Waiting sucks. [Youtube]