Eavesdropping Is What Guest Do Bests...

by CARSON GRIFFITH · March 27, 2009

    Have a spare $150 Million lying around?  Why not buy Aaron Spelling's French chateau-style mansion in L.A.  That's right, Candy Spelling is selling, and now can have a shot at living next to Hefner (who can put a dollar tag on that?) [Breitbart]

    That guy who won the last season of Top Chef is selling t-shirts that say "I HAVE A CULINARY BONER." We know nothing good ever comes from being on a reality tv show, but has it really gotten this bad, Tom Colicchio? [The Observer]

    "If that is not the opposite of 'fun,' we don't know what is." Fargo, ND has seen much better days, preparing for some 'shit' Noah Ark style. [Gawker]

    So 1 in 3 people want a cap on stars and athletes salaries at $1 million? How are Brad and Angie supposed to feed all those kids?! [NY Post]

    Caffeine as a sport enhancing performance drug - A.Rod should have thought of this one. Might have been better for his image than the steroids and the cougars. [NY Times]