Eavesdropping Is What Guests Do Best...

by DASHA BRIL · February 23, 2009

    Can't afford tickets to the new revival of West Side Story? Apparently you can hear a few notes of the musical's ballad "Somewhere" when the 2, 4, and 5 subways go by. WTF? [NYTimes]

    Hey internet dorks, brush up for tonight's Know Your Meme event with this list of 99 things you should have seen on the Internet. We'll file this one away under Slow Work Day Entertainment [YouShouldHaveSeenThis]

    What are some of the perks of being 2009's biggest hero? An invitation to the Vanity Fair Oscar Party, of course! Sorry we missed you in our red-carpet roundup, Chelsey Sullenberger. [NYPost]

    Awww, this is really sweet: Joe Ades's (aka The Peeler Guy) daughter has taken over where her father left off, by selling his remaining peelers in Union Square. [Gothamist]

    What's to be done when NYC's Queen of Nightlife owes you money from her shuttered restaurant? [Eater]