Eavesdropping Is What Guests Do Best...

by Rachelle Hruska · February 27, 2009

    Missouri slaughterhouse provides heirloom meats for Bar Boulud, Momofuku, and Spotted Pig, among others. Gives a whole new reason for my dad to do the "How much would this meal cost in NYC?" bit [NYTimes]

    Lehman Brothers apparel worth more than it's stock. Andy Spade selling the merchandise on Great Jones Street. "I guess you could say it's our weekend job." [Vanity Fair]

    The "Kings Button" is the world's "Stupidest, Most Expensive iPhone Mod, and it costs 2.5 million and comes with 18-carat yellow gold and 160 diamonds including the big one in the middle [Gizmodo]

    Michelle Obama debuts her fab new 'do and everyone's talking about it this morning. What other first lady can make us all forget the terrifying state of our nation's economy with just one haircut? [Jezebel]

    The most obvious sign that we are in trouble: Masa slashed their sushi prices. The tasting menu is now only $400 a head (down from $450). [Eater]