Eavesdropping Is What Guests Do Best...


    There may be a number of valid knocks on Twitter, but Google's Eric Schmidt is going about it the wrong way [Valleywag]

    The second Water Taxi Beach looks like it will be at South Street Seaport. I am not so jealous of my sunbathing Brooklynite friends anymore. [Eater]

    Ivanka Trump is pushing Panama as a great place to invest (with her? with daddy?).  I'm assuming Ruben Blades is gonna play her next benefit ball for free. [Cityfile]

    The great Alexander McQueen stuff Rachelle saw at the Fashion Week pop-up store are now available online [Racked]

    Nice (maybe a better word is realistic) landlord Archstone is offering to forgive new leases in cases of layoff (yes strings are attached, but it's a nice gesture anyway) [Gothamist]