Eavesdropping Is What Guests Do Best...


    Wondering what the young, unemployed, and still miss Republican fiscal policy crowd is doing? Good news, the RNC is hiring, and there's video of the applicants! [Gawker]

    Developers have got be getting scared now. 2 or 3 lawsuits at the Plaza by unhappy buyers, others all across town walking away from deposits, now (relatively) lower end buyers in FiDi are also lawyering up [Cityfile]

    The question on everyone's mind ...why is Octo-Mom so crazy!? and of course, the new Radar is there!  [Radar]

    If you missed it, the one-time King of Pop is going on tour again, with, I assume, a crack team of plastic surgeons to reattach any pieces that fall off from vigorous dance moves. [JustJared]

    Wow.  Malia and Sasha get to live in the White House, they're getting a new dog, and they have the most kickass backyard swingset in DC! [DCist]