Eavesdropping Is What Guests Do Best...


    I hope the artist wasn't surprised when no one was interested in buying a 7x9 watercolor of Bernie Madoff (for 100k!) at the Armory [Bloomberg, via NYMag]

    Girls, do you love Gossip Girl? Love a free dinner?  Get dressed in your old school uniform, eat for free on March 16th.  Just be ready for the pervy men. [Eater]

    The wild world of celebrity swag is grinding to a halt; now keeping the merchandise is a no-no, with accusations of "theft" [Gawker]

    How do you pursue a bunch of crafty financial crooks?  Appeal to an even craftier convict for advice [DailyBeast]

    PETA is evidently outside of Dior right now, with "bloody pelts" and lots of shouting.  Go watch, maybe bring popcorn?  [TheMoment]