Eavesdropping Is What Guests Do Best...


    Okay this Water Taxi Beach at the Seaport is gonna be awesome.  Miniature golf! Skeeball! A seafood shack!  Maybe the fact no one can afford to get out of town this summer won't be so bad [Eater]

    Thank god, Governor Paterson is backing away from imposing "sin taxes" on New York State - I know a lot of people who would have moved if the cost of porn got any higher [NYT]

    So now all of the downsized crowd are not only not buying, they are selling off the current contents of their closets? [WSJ]

    A few of Paris' more interesting looks - Kermit the Frog,  a young Michael Jackson, and a Dollar Dress [Refinery29]

    In the moving fast down the aisle news, Ryan Adams and Mandy Moore tied the knot after what seems like a week of being engaged [PerezHilton]