Eavesdropping Is What Guests Do Best...


    25 Questions on Facebook is over, but now, the newest bandwagon, in a darker humor, Twitter has the F**kitList [NYMag]

    Google relaunches what used to be GrandCentral, is now Google Voice - one phone number, one voicemail, one SMS inbox, collecting all your various other numbers [Gizmodo]

    Has reality TV pay gotten that bad already? Olivia Palermo seen shopping at Strawberry's. Betting that won't make it onto "The City" [Cityfile]

    I can't imagine what this tastes like, but I am intrigued; I may have to head over and try out the olive-oil ice cream at Boqueria [GrubStreet]

    2 scoops of kooks this summer!  A new freakshow is opening in Coney Island, helping them compete with all the Beaches springing up on Gov's Island and Manhattan [NYDN]