Eavesdropping Is What Guests Do Best...


    Important Gossip Girl viewing note - photographer extraordinaire Patrick McMullan is on the show tonight, taking pictures at a party of course. [Observer]

    That NY Post story about Wall Street women flocking to dancing or stripping at the various flesh palaces around town?  Looking more like another DABA-type situation [HuffPost and Clusterstock]

    A new face in the food truck movement - a pizza truck (which I remember correctly from Midtown also does ziti) has started setting up in the LES on weekends. [Grub Street]

    Olivia Palermo may/may not shop at Strawberry's, but she does frequent the shelves of the Strand (those trips must have been left on the City cutting room floor) [Racked]

    Facebook doesn't care how many users sign the petitions and create new groups about the redesign, they know what's best for us [Gawker]