Eavesdropping Is What Guests Do Best...

by CARSON GRIFFITH · April 28, 2009

    A Japanese members-only cocktail bar down a hidden corridor, swipe key necessary, room for 25 only, 60% capacity... well, if you get in, let me know how the beef heart carppacio is [Grub Street]

    Self-promotion is a great way to look for a new job. But by that we don't necessarily mean a bright yellow wristband with the words "LAID OFF NEED A JOB" written across it [Men.Style.com]

    Facebook not cutting it for wasting time at work anymore? Here's a great new game to waste those valuable(less?) minutes: Identify who did the crime to win. You'll never believe who's growing marijuana in their backyard these days [Pick The Perp]

    The "Deliberately oversimplified guide to whose tweets are worth following." [NY Mag]

    First Michelle Obama, now Princess Letizia of Spain? Poor Carla Bruni keeps getting the short end of the stick when it comes to critics judging her against other International style rivals. She might have to actually wear something other than (dare we say it?) Dior for once [The Cut]

    Swine Flu is God's way of punishing the Internet for refusing to shut the hell up about it's bacon already. Earnst & Young latest company to be infected. [CBS News]