Eavesdropping Is What Guests Do Best...


    Everybody seems to be on Twitter for now, but is it the same everybody as last month?  Statistics say few stay around for long [Nielsen]

    SJP and "Muttonchops" Broderick are going to have twins, with a little help from a surrogate [OMGWTF]

    So the NYPD continues its heroic defense of illegal billboard companies rights by arresting 4 street artists who participated in the weekend's "art project" [ANIMALNY]

    Looking for Hollywood's version of the last year of economic chicanery and collapse? Your search is ended! "Wall Street 2" coming to a screen near you with Gordon and Shia [USMag]

    Lots of psychology and theories of stereotypes as essential tools for survival, but the real question is, do we like Susan Boyle's makeover or not? [NYT]