Eavesdropping Is What Guests Do Best...


    Guess who's having the best honeymoon ever? [US Weekly]

    Behind every great fashion designer is the muse through which all the ideas can flow - see some of the most important partnerships at the Met starting next week [DailyBeast]

    You got some glimpses on Real Housewives last night of course, but here are some more shots of the van Kempen's Brooklyn abode [Brownstoner]

    I think the lesson here is that you just can't help out your unemployed friends with a place to stay, because they'll just destroy your place and have you fly back from London to clean up the blood. Or maybe I'm just being too simplistic [NYO]

    This is a truly great idea, why not put all the investigative skills now available (in the persons of laid-off reporters) to help the SEC? I would argue there are more than enough bright ex-Wall Streeters too [Clusterstock]