Eavesdropping Is What Guests Do Best...


    We really needed this, after an underwhelming Met Ball (with a bit of after party excitement) - a new "issue" of WWWWD [WWWWD]

    The "Best Job In The World" has been taken, no getting paid to swim on the Great Barrier Reef for you! [HuffPost]

    If this works, there a lot of unemployed reporters and such who might actually come to like Rupert Murdoch (he's trying to make paid content work) [DailyBeast]

    Evidently, Mario Batali doesn't need the free membership from Gwyneth, he already hits the gym every day - and other tidbits from the Beard Awards [GrubStreet]

    Albany kind of listened and worked out a problem, and now we have a smaller fare hike, coming to a vote today [NYT]