Eavesdropping Is What Guests Do Best...

by guestofaguest · June 15, 2009

    The city is planning to kill up to 2,000 Canadian Geese this summer to avoid another US Airways in the Hudson situation. We predict that feathers will fly when PETA finds out about this one... [NY Post]

    Oh no! An auditorium full of Kindergartners who were supposed to be watching "Camp Rock" accidentally got a glimpse of a very explicit video when someone accidentally left a pornographic DVD in the player. [NY Post]

    FREE SANDWICHES FROM PRET A MANGER! IF you're lucky enough to get one of the fliers they'll be giving away in Union Square on Friday...[Grub Street]

    Don't let the sun fool you...we're in for another wet week in NYC. Worst summer ever? [Gothamist]

    The Gates will be serving lollipops starting on Thursday....Mac'n'cheese lollipops, that is...[NY Mag]