Eavesdropping in NYC... June 6, 2013

by Ariel Wainer · June 5, 2013

    Here's what our expert eavesdroppers have rounded up in the last 24 hours that you need to know today...

    Tiger Woods' girlfriend, Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn, was escorted out of the Fashion Designers of America Awards to undergo a mandatory drug test by the International Olympic Committee. [NYPost]

    - Samsung won in their legal battle with Apple with the court ordering an end to the import of older Apple gadgets that violate Samsung's 3G network patents. [NYPost]

    - A Michael Jackson superfan is so convinced that his death was not an accident, that shepaid $16,800 to have conspiracy-theory banners flown throughout LA. [TMZ]

    - Called the "Scarsdale version of Weeds," a suburban mom was arrested for running a multimillion-dollar marijuana growing operation in Queens. [NYDailyNews]

    - 3 Turkish professionals in the U.S. launched a fundraising campaign on Indiegogo to buy a full-page ad in the NY Times.  The ad will support other Turks who have clashed with the U.S. government in dozens of cities.  Indiegogo says they have jump-started the fasted political funding campaign in the sites history. [Forbes]

    Real life "Weeds" - Instagram's daily use has dropped from 16.3 million to 7.6 million since mid-december due to bad publicity from changing the terms of service [SkimThat]

    - Governor Andrew Cuomo is expected to introduce a bill allowing abortions 24 weeks into pregnancy if the mother's health is at risk. [GOTHAMist]

    - Joe Francis, the famous founder of "Girls Gone Wild" is the latest victim of a sex tape gone viral.  He claims it was stolen from longtime girlfriend Abbey Wilson and is threatening legal action. [TMZ]

    -Cheerios is standing by their recent commercial featuring a mixed race family despite some negative feedback.  They say this commercial truly represents modern American families, rather than the conservative route other advertisers take, and support the message of acceptance. [Yahoo]

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