Eavesdropping Is What Guests Do Best...Tuesday, August 18th

by ANTHONY NATOLI · August 18, 2009

    Alex Da Silva gets arrested for a sex offense. "So You Think You Can Rape?" [EOnline]

    Freeloaders unite!  Fashion give aways just in time for Labor Day. [CanadianPress]

    Nene Leakes of Atlanta Housewives reveals her history as an exotic dancer.  Apparently "Silk" is a better stripper name than "Miss Leakes". Who knew? [People]

    Robert Novak Dies at 78. Journalism feels the pain. [Yahoo]

    Propmaster in queens saves the life of a baby falcon.  No big deal... [Daily Intel]

    Whispers of a Michael Jackson clothing line! The "Beat it" jacket will finally be mine! [NYMag]

    Celine Dion pregnant with a second child.  Way to go science! [MSNBC]