Extravigator, a small world 2.0?

by guestofaguest · December 5, 2007


    Most of you guys have now either heard of, or been invited to asmallworld, the niche social-network for jet-setters. And some of you may even have used their travel forums with much success.

    Well now a new site, named Extravigator.com (a contraction between the words Extravagant and Navigator) aims to further develop an elite social-networking travel forum.

    Extravigator is a new elite social network for those who know how to travel in style. The social network is centered around a highly interactive discussion forum that covers a range of topics about luxury travel.

    Ok, sounds interesting, but what about quality control?  Well you need to apply for membership, and you are evaluated based on what you list as your "favorite hotel". Certainly not as ironclad as Fort Knox, but let's be honest, people who want to join are going to self select themselves anyway, so even if the application process is not super rigorous it really doesn't matter.

    To be honest, our application is still being reviewed (keeping fingers crossed!), so we haven't been able to look inside, but it looks promising from the font (and will be so long as there are enough users to keep the discussions buzzing).  Till then, we will be debating in our heads whether to go to St. Barths or Gstaad for New Years, or maybe just stay home with some wine and Seinfeld reruns.