Facebook Opens Up Gap For Smaller Social Networks To Fill: Insert A Private Club

by Rachelle Hruska · March 24, 2009

    Tonight A Private Club will be celebrating the Launch of "American Hotel Stories" by Assouline. We had to remove the location of the event as you must be a member of the site to attend (insert social snobbery scowl here). Following in ASMALLWORLD's footsteps, A Private Club launched itself last year as the younger, New York centric version.  Forget tonight's party (which we hope to make it to), let's talk about the merits of the site in general....

    I'll be the first to admit that I joined A Private Club the moment I heard about it and got invited.  Curiosity and a quest to stay current on the social zeitgeist we cover is what often compels me to find out about and sign up for these things (Read: Twitter, Tumblr, FourSquare, etc.) first.

    Granted I only have 58 friends and have liked a total of 2 places-Rose Bar and Jour et Nuit (which has long since closed).

    Still....I'm routing for this one.

    After Facebook went Twittarded on us, I kindof like the idea of going back to the simplistic, albeit smaller social network. This doesn't mean I won't be on Twitter, Tumblr, or even Facebook, it just means that right now may be the best timing for sites like "A Private Club" to flourish.