Rain Is Not The Water I'm Looking For

by LAUREN BELSKI · May 12, 2008

    water [Photo by Adam Schneider]

    The frigid, sun-sucked sky has caused my heavy eyes to search vacantly for inspiration not out the window, where spring seems to have all but sputtered, but from the ever-optimistic, backlit glow of my computer screen, where water the water is always blue! (if you google it that way), and makes for a kind facilitation of my daydreams, after all those cigarette-butt puddles I had to straddle outside the subway. Here are some waters we can hope to tread/splash/float above soon, if Mother Nature ever wills it so. If you know anymore, post them. I need my summer spirit to travel to other websites…

    InSpa World. This dream can be realized NOW. If the New York Times didn’t “whet” your desire for a warm bath and an old fashioned Korean scrub down with those sandpaper gloves—let me second the sentiment. The idea of surrendering myself to a cotton p.j. uniform (everyone in the spa has to wear a matching outfit), draping my face over an herbal pot full of rejuvenating steam, and ending the day with some kimchi after a hazy stint in the sauna sounds like heaven.

    The Floating Pool. Oh how I long to float upon something floating! Manhattan looming like a cooler, tanner cousin with a more expensive bathing suit, flirting with the lifeguard, while I, with my too-fair skin, relax under my waterproof, 30+ spf and practice how many front flips I can do without coming up for air. Oh, let it be summer. Swimming it the heat is infinitely more rewarding.

    Kayaking in Cold Spring—It’s only an hour Metro North ride away, the perfect amount of time to commune with an album or page through that weighty, intellectual weekly you get in the mail that you can never keep up with. Then, you can explore the Hudson River Valley in its skyscraperless glory and think to yourself, “This is what Manhattan looked like when the Dutch settlers were building little shanties along the East River and eating big apples.”