And The Greatest Threat To Marriage Is...

by Christie Grimm · February 9, 2017

    A new 60 Minutes/Vanity Fair poll dives deep into the American outlook on all things love and marriage. From "How do you feel about monogamy?" to "What is the main purpose of marriage today?" the poll breaks down its responses into age range and also marital status for a beyond interesting look into the collective minds of today as grouped by their experience.

    Perhaps the most telling item to analyze? The greatest threat to marriage.

    While most single and married persons would agree that jealousy is the number one threat to a marriage, interestingly enough, more divorced/separated persons agree that is actually boredom which poses the biggest threat to a couple's union. But then again, it seems the divorced/separated polled were more evenly spread in their answers when compared to the more definitively leaning single and married participants.

    Perhaps, when on the other side of a relationship, the "no longer committed" side, things are no longer clearer about the state and threats to monogamy, but hazier.

    [Photo via AP]