Avon Walk for Breast Cancer: For Two Days We Walk as ONE

by MEGAN ZILIS · October 6, 2008

    Under an ominous sky a pink balloon breaks through the horizon. This pink balloon is universally recognized as a symbol of hope, determination, bravery, strength, loss, suffering, pain, as a symbol of our fight against breast cancer. The streets of New York are empty except for these pink balloons, each attached to a woman who is walking. Each woman has a story, a reason for spending her morning adorned with pieces of flair, messages on her shirt. She walks for her sister who is struggling with the disease, her mother who she lost to it; she walks for the daughter she hopes will never have to face it.

    The best outfit I came across was donned by a woman wearing a fake ass, on it written: Breast Cancer can Kiss My Ass!

    I am thankful to have witnessed this inspiration march for a cure, and although I did not participate I felt connected to it. Let these pink balloons and ribbons remind us women to take care of ourselves and each other. Remind your mother and sisters to make routine breast exams. If you don't trust them to do this, make an appointment for them. Early detection is critical for effective treatment.

    For more info on Breast Cancer, or this walk visit The Avon Foundation