Ayala's Calorific Champagne

by Rachelle Hruska · April 7, 2008

    ayala champagne[Photo via Petite Brigitte]

    In an article titled "Fizz Without the Fat" The Post introduces New Yorkers to a little "secret" that the French have known about for over a year. A 148 year old French Winery, The House of Ayala, has (finally) decided to start marketing their brilliant low-calorie champagne to the U.S. For around $145 a bottle you get a flute of bubbly at 65 calories comparable to the average 98 calories. We have no doubt that these puppies will be selling off the shelves like Manolo's at a Barney's sample sale. Especially, in perfect Spring fashion, coming right in time for the New York fashion shows....