Baby Sloths Are Totally The Hipsters Of The Animal World

by CHRISTINE CHUNG · July 15, 2010

    Don't get us wrong, we love hipsters. And we love baby sloths. What's the connection, you ask? The similarities are striking, and we're beginning to think that there may some long-lost genetic explanation...-



    1. They both like to hang out and look uber relaxed and cool all the time. No effort is the name of the game.

    2. They are vegetarian, or maybe even vegan. Whatever. They're environmentally conscious and green, with a virtually nonexistent carbon footprint!

    3. They are all about the freebies. Free drinks, free food, free housing, there's no stopping the mooching (oops!).

    4. They both perfectly embody the word 'party animal.' They sleep 18 hours and party for 24!

    5. For few other kind of people/animals do such vivid stereotypes come to mind. We don't need to describe a hipster or a sloth to you (we hope).

    6. They keep a casually disheveled appearance, which may or may not be in fact, low maintenance. Sloths clean themselves from time to time, and hipsters...

    7. Underneath that scruffy hair and American Apparel hoodie lies a heart of gold. They just want a cuddle!

    Conclusion: We think the evidence speaks for itself.

    [Photo via The Cobrasnake, Gawker, Zimbio,,,,, MTV]