Bagatelle: European Gem Bringing St. Tropez Flavor to Meatpacking

by guestofaguest · July 5, 2007

    Brunch will never be the same once you experience a truly amazing Bagatelle Saturday Brunch. Created by co-owners Remi Laba and Aymeric Clemente, this brunch-haven brilliantly brings the flavors of their South of France homeland and ingeniously introduces New York to the lively and energetic vibe that characterizes the southern European gem. When one walks into Bagatelle, they are immediately surrounded by a notable ambience reminiscent of a Provençal café, with the décor and architecture resembling an old Parisian apartment. Subtle details including intricate moldings, coffered ceilings, deep Art Noveau mantels and delicate lighting make this space a truly one of a kind. Not only is the décor seamless, but the food is divine: executive Chef Nicolas Cantrel puts fresh and clean flavors and ingredients at the center of the stage. French classics are enlivened with innovative flavor combinations and a lighter approach, while the simplicity of the menu belies the studied Classical French cooking techniques.

    As the clock strikes 3pm, the DJ starts spinning and guests start swaying as the beats get louder and louder. Before you know it, people are spraying magnums of champagne, dancing on tables, and ordering another round of amazing appetizers….before 5pm! It’s the perfect getaway from the harsh New York summer heat, and an eclectic entrance into a refreshingly cool European ambiance. But here’s what we truly loved: instead of spending thousands on bottles in a sweaty nightclub, we’re spending hundreds on excellent food, excellent wines, and personalized service. Seemingly always mindful of the great distance away from their homeland, Remi and Aymeric have created their home away from home, and of course, for New York diners as well. We absolutely loved it. Cheers!