Be A Tourist For The Day

by LAUREN BELSKI · April 10, 2008

    bikers [Looks like Oper8er has yet to pick up on this sweet head wear trend]

    I’ve listened to Mos Def’s “Summertime” three times today. Once while dragging my bike to the bike shop to get a new front wheel, again while sipping an iced coffee on my walk to Prospect Park, and well, right now. There’s something about it that perfectly encapsulates the rushing spasm of my sated esophagus as it gulps spring air. I just want to grab strangers and kiss them.

    Anyway, since my life is so unbelievably full of positive springtime happy vibes, I thought I’d give everyone some advice on how to reconnect with your NYC—I’ll be doing it in my thrift store jeans, so don’t worry if you missed the whole denim exchange. First off, get yourself a bicycle—buy it, rent it, whatever. And, if you’re feeling like reconnecting with the history of the city, hit up one of these Big Apple Tours.

    I’m no tourist, but I’m not ashamed to admit that there are endless layers of this magical urban landscape that escape my notice. Sometimes we get so tied up in rushing around in our New York bubbles that we don’t step out and see this crazy city we live in, or listen to all its history. I know Holly Golightly isn’t a fan of the whole “tourist” thing, but if you are, as I am, someone who forgoes car services in favor of a two-wheeler, it just may be something you’re into—especially if you’ve got some friends from the cornfields rolling in who weren’t issued their official visitor’s handbook.

    If that’s two pricey for you (and it is a bit steep) then just get yourself a bike map and plot yourself a course. You’ll be outside, you’ll be mobile, and, shit, you’ll be burning all those calories in order to refill them with the empty weekend ones. Baskets and bells earn you extra hipster points—that is, if you don’t disdain hipsters…more on that later. I’m off to pick up my bike. Wee!