Ben & Jerry’s Lip Balm

by guestofaguest · November 26, 2007

    ben and jerry’s lip balm

    We just found out that Ben & Jerry's is giving you a chance to taste one of their most popular flavors, without any of the calories.  Seem to good to be true?  Well it kindof is...the company just launched theses cute little lip balms and the first flavor comes in Peanut Butter Cup and looks exactly like a miniture version of the real thing.  It is sold internationally which will finally give people outside of America a chance to get a small taste of what they are missing over here (heehee).  (Though we do NOT encourage eating lip balm!)  We think this is a cute PR move that won't hurt their company but may not help it that much either.  Makes us think back to our Dr. Pepper lip smackers days....