Best Moments Of 2009, Re-Enacted By Peeps

by Chiara Atik · March 30, 2010

    Can you think of a better way to commemorate 2009 than by re-creating the best moments in dioramas, using peeps? Yeah, we didn't think so. Check out our favorite entries from the Fourth Annual Peeps Show in DC. The Mad Men Lawnmower scene totally should have won!

    Mad Men Peeps:

    Things to notice:

    "Donald Drapeep" written on the door.

    All the secretaries are chicks. Heh, get it?

    They somehow managed to make the peep version of the ditsy secretary look every bit as ditsy.

    Ken CosPeep has blonde hair, Paul Kinspeep has a beard, and Harry Crane is slightly...rounder.

    At first I thought they weirdly chose to make Joan really really short. But then I realized she's kneeling, administering first aid.

    The bit of peep-foot still visible on the tractor wheel.

    White House Party Crasher Peeps

    Things To Notice:

    Michelle Salahi's red sari perfectly recreated.

    The C-Span team!

    Prime Minister of India, Manmohan Singh, with his wife, standing next to President Obama and Mrs.Obama in her Naeem Khan dress.

    Joe and Jill Biden in the foreground.

    The Balloon Boy

    Things To Notice:

    Little Falcon hiding in the attic!

    The balloon looks like it's made out of a foil cupcake wrapper.

    Some of the little peeps are looking into the sky with binoculars.

    The tv inside the house is on balloon boy news coverage.

    The parent bunnies have faux-stricken faces.

    The Wedding Entrance Dance

    Things To Notice:

    Some of the peep audience members clearly find the whole procession as awkward as I would.

    The cool glasses on the wedding party.

    The groom in the middle and the bride behind him.

    "Peep Tube", which, if existed, would probably not lead to peeps...

    [All photos via Washington Post]