Brooklinen Just Launched Cashmere Sheets & You Need Them ASAP

by Christie Grimm · February 22, 2019

    You can tell a lot about a person based off of their bed. Is everything tucked and taught and fluffed to perfection? Is the duvet lumpy and half on the floor? In life, it's often the little luxuries that make the biggest difference. Sheets are the windows to the soul. They show exactly how someone feels about themselves, and the level of self respect they either have or seriously need to work on.

    While silk sheets may technically be luxe, I think we can all agree they are inherently colored by a certain level of creepiness that's just best not to touch. Rumor way back when in college was that this guy - let's call him Julian, because his name was Julian - had silk sheets. And it was just like, dude, really? But I digress.

    Cotton sheets? A classic go-to for a reason. Can't go wrong - but, could definitely go better.

    Brooklinen's new cashmere sheets are a gift straight from god. And we know what you're thinking. Yes, cashmere sheets sound amazing, but in reality, aren't I just going to sweat my ass off sandwiched in between those two layers of constraining coziness? Not so, as Brooklinen's cooked up the perfect blend. At 95% cotton, 5% Himilayan Cashmere, this limited edition collection is designed to be as breathable as it is soft.

    Sure you may not have a 401K (or if you do, god knows you couldn't really explain what it is to me), and sure you likely spend like 10 minutes working up the courage to check your bank account balance. But trust us when we say this bedding situation is well worth the (totally affordable) investment.

    [Photos courtesy Brooklinen]