Bryant Park Yoga

by THERESA WON · June 27, 2008

    bryant park yogabryant park yoga

    Since May, Bryant Park has been offering free yoga every Thursday in the southwest corner of the park. Thinking the general idea of doing yoga in such a visible park just reeked narcissism and a cry for attention, I needed to go see for myself. After seeing how many people show up (and that you can easily squeeze to the middle to avoid being on the pointed at by the tourists that gather around), it’s actually a really interesting idea seeing as there’s not a single moment of silence for that “om” moment.

    The group had to create it themselves, which probably was better practice for during the day than any other yoga class can offer. Sure, it’s probably not as intense or centering as other classes, but it’s a relaxed environment with all walks of life showing up for the class.