Cailtin Moe Shows Off Her Planking Skills

by Mara Siegler · June 6, 2011

    Our Hamptons site takes a look this morning at the Internet phenomenon of planking, i.e. laying down on random stuff. It's a big trend in Australia and could be headed our way. We spotted this hilarious photo on Twitter of NYC electric violinist Caitlin Moe, who often performs with DJ Mia Moretti, trying out the trend.


    If you decide you want to take part, be careful. Funnyplankingphotos warns:

    "Be careful not to fall off things, make sure the objects you are planking on are sturdy and won’t fall over with you on them, avoid planking around moving vehicles and/or sharp objects, and if you are going to ask randoms to take a photo of you planking be aware that there are some weirdos out there and that some of these weirdos can be dangerous (or may run off with your camera)."

    [Planking: The Latest Internet Trend]