Chanel Just Launched Its Own Rosé?!

by Mahaan P. Uttam · August 3, 2020

    I'm going to be honest, as a designer and sneaker-head, my idea of Chanel is perfume, sunglasses, and tweed jackets. Sure, fine wine pairs well with those slices of high society, but would I expect my wine and blazer to come from the same French fashion house? Well, not until I learned that Chanel low-key owns five vineyards.

    Its most recent acquisition occurred last year, when the Wertheimer family, the billionaires behind the Chanel group, purchased a 75-acre vineyard in rosé heaven, on an island just off the coast of Provence. Domaine de l’Ile, which originally belonged to Sébastien Le Ber and his family, offers rolling hills, breathtaking greenery, and crisp air - all of which helps to produce the juicy, refreshing rosé that has caught the eyes of connoisseurs across the map. And now, Domaine de l’Ile Porquerolles 2019 Côtes de Provence, the estate's first vintage since Chanel has taken over, has hit the market.

    But the unmatched taste of Chanel's signature vino is not purely based on the quality of its grapes and the environment in which it's composed; their secret weapon is Nicolas Audebert, an agronomist and oenologist who has been managing Chanel's wine estates since 2015, and who has directed the creation of the revolutionary rosé.

    Care for a taste? Luckily, this may be the most affordable of Chanel's creations - you can find a bottle online for just over $20!

    [Photos via Domaine de l’Ile]