Cheers! Virtual Spirit Tastings Are Now A Thing

by Raya O'Neal · April 8, 2020

    If you thought you drank a lot back when you could actually hang out at bars, you'll probably be coming out of quarantine as a self-proclaimed sommelier, mixologist, or a certified liquor connoisseur (ahem, all fancy terms you can use to justify your new habit of making a drink around noon).

    But if you really do want to apply some structure to your boozing, and maybe even learn something new, we've got good news. Spirits Network, the shoppable digital streaming platform all about liquor, will now be hosting #WhiskyWednesdays every week!

    Every Wednesday at 6 pm EST via Facebook Live, you and your Zoom buddies can tune in to the #WhiskyWednesdays livestreams to follow guided tastings by chief curator Flavien Desoblin without leaving your couch (unless it's to get more whiskey). Sponsored by Diageo and featuring some of the most unique Single Malts, the weekly tastings are available for free to anyone 21+. If you need a bottle or two delivered to you, order via the app and your order will be sent in under 2 hours. Um, cheers to that.

    Tonight (4/8), Desoblin will highlight several offerings from the limited-edition Game of Thrones Single Malt Scotch Whiskey Collection.

    Next week (4/15), Desoblin will uncover the differences between peat and smoke and taste marques from the Talisker, Lagavulin, and The Singleton distilleries. I know... sounds legit. 

    Aside from being an excellent alternative to a safe social distancing happy hour, it's a great way to get exclusive insight behind the stories and craftsmanship of the spirits you love. See? Drinking can be an educational hobby after all.

    [Photo courtesy of Spirits Network]