Chili and Cinnamon Rolls

by guestofaguest · December 28, 2007


    [At the Runza drive-through]

    God it's good to go home for the holidays.....Fresh air. Room to move around in department stores where you get to feel really "rich" for a day as you can afford the most expensive things they offer. Family. SuperTarget. Valentinos. Putting no effort into your outfit in the morning. Screaming out country music while driving. Available seats at the Barnes and Noble. Dillards. $6 movies. Fireplaces....the list of things that I once took for granted and now am obsessed with on my return could go on and on for days. However, the one thing that I almost forgot about until this recent trip back, was my LOVE for the best meal ever created: Chili and Cinnamon Rolls. Growing up, as many others in the midwest can attest to, this genius combination was so popular that it was served routinely as a school lunch choice. "Chili day" was always one of the favorite days of the month (along with "fiestata day"), as that bowl of chunky chili would always grant you a big sugary cinnamon roll with extra frosting. I never knew that this was something unheard of in the world at large until I moved to New York and found out that I was crazy. Crazy or not, this is the most delicious winter meal ever. I am used to getting weird looks when I talk about some of my midwest traditions, in fact (being the ever-overexaggerter that I am), most people think I make this stuff up. Which is why, when I found the combo as an actual menu item at the ever-fabulous Runza (another amazing midwest institution), I couldn't resist taking a pic. Now you can all see for yourselves. You really can't make this shit up. I suggest you try this immediately, serve it to will become a H-E-R-O.

    p.s. Check out those prices on the menu above. WOW.