Dempsey & Carroll's New "Handwritten" Stationery Is The Perfect Gift... To Buy Yourself

by Christie Grimm · May 16, 2019

    I don't know about you, but I know I'm personally never not looking for an excuse to treat myself. Do I need it? Not important. Do I already have something similar? More is never enough. Something semi-practical with an unnecessary hint of pizzazz, that's the perfect combination that always gets me.

    The latest possession to catch my eye and send my mind reeling into a thousand arguments as to why I in fact cannot live in its absence is Dempsey & Carroll's new Hand-Lettered Cards

    Create your very own custom cards featuring a choice of eight unique, handwritten typestyles that Dempsey & Carroll artists will calligraph in black ink. And just for $55!

    In life, you only get one chance to make a first stationery impression - you better make it count. As much as this would make a great graduation present, hostess gift, or what have you, let's be real - you deserve this treat just as much anyone else in your life. 

    I refuse to believe I'm the only person with a grand image of herself sitting down at a well appointed desk, uncapping a special, questionably expensive fountain pen, carefully writing out her thank you notes for the week. So go on, live your fancy lady dream! 

    [Photos courtesy Dempsey & Carroll]