Rosé-Flavored Vodka Is FINALLY A Thing

by Stephanie Maida · February 1, 2018

    With everything from rosé gummy bears to deodorant causing white girl freakouts across the nation, it's actually a wonder that it's taken so long for someone to make the holy grail of basic bitch beverages: rosé-flavored vodka.

    Let us know when you're done screaming.

    Hangar 1's new 60-proof, millennial pink liquor drops today, so it's available for all your crying-into-your-glass Galentine's Day festivities this February. Because we all know that after a single summer in the Hamptons, just one bottle of your typical rosé wine won't cut it if you're trying to get good and drunk.

    According to Hangar 1's website, the selection is the first of its kind to blend vodka with real California rosé - meaning it tastes like a stronger version of the real thing, "floral with notes of crisp apple, sweet pea blossoms, and a hint of oak on the nose, with a silky and soft mouthfeel finishing fresh with hints of cranberry." Yum.

    After a few shots of this, you'll be seeing the world through rosé-colored glasses, that's for sure.

    Buy it online HERE!

    [Photo via @hangar1vodka]