FREE Movies + Bryant Park = A Happy Monday Night In NYC

by COLLEEN KROPP · July 22, 2008

    Bryant Park HBO Film Festival[Image via nycgovparks]

    Regardless of whether it is an overarching appreciation for classic 1940s films, or if the label of something being FREE in New York City is an attention grabber – Bryant Park was overflowing with New Yorkers last night. From the hip of hipster to the guy who just got out from a long day at Citi to the mom in her floral dungarees, the HBO Monday Night Free Summer Film Festival showings always seem to draw an eclectic crowd.

    Honestly, I find this montage of people to be refreshing. The film lined up for yesterday evening was "Arsenic and Old Lace" from 1944, starring Cary Grant. If anything, this summer gimmick of showing classic movies in the park is genius – a sly way of preserving American classic films.

    It was my first time seeing "Arsenic," and the atmosphere couldn't have been more soothing and perfect. Fortunately it had started to cool down and once people managed to find a place to put down their blankets and stop bustling about, I had only sweat out about 1/10 of my body weight. The movie itself was entertaining and goofy – a good choice for a Monday evening.

    Keep it up Bryant Park – I'll be back next Monday for "The Apartment." (I have a thing for the young Jack Lemmon, what can I say?)