Fruity Boys Ready To Supply Your "Flavor Tripping Parties" With Their Miracle Fruits

by Rachelle Hruska · June 5, 2008

     [Prepared for a "Flavor Tripping Party". Photo via Justinsomnia]

    Here at Guest of a Guest, we have a lot of "Friends of a Friend". We were so excited when we heard that one of our friends of a friend has a special little hobby on the side of his day job ( Amit Chatwani and his partner Neel Shah (from Radar Online) loved the highly talked about Miracle Fruit so much that they started selling it online (free of S&H). In case you've been living in a hole like me, this Miracle Fruit (that's it's actual name), "tricks your taste buds for about an hour to make sour, acidic food taste sweet" [NY Mag]. People all over town are throwing “flavor-tripping parties" and inviting the NY Times to cover them.

    At these parties (like in the photo above) you may use an assortment of different acidic tasting foods that magically turn sweet after chewing on this berry. The latest Thrillist hosted party confirmed the following:

    "A large group of guests reached its own consensus: limes were candied, vinegar resembled apple juice, goat cheese tasted like cheesecake on the tongue and goat cheese on the throat. Bananas were just bananas." [NY Times]

    The Miracle Fruit is extremely perishable and pretty expensive ($2 a seed), but oh so worth it I'm guessing. This will surely be one of our upcoming experiments at the GofG offices. Amit, come over with the goods?